SVL – L300 Linear Connect-a-Light

The L300 Bar/Linear Light utilizes 12 high-intensity LEDs and features an integrated constant current driver built into the light. Connect-a-Light Series of Linear Lights uses 24VDC and can operate in continuous mode. NPN or PNP strobe triggers can be used to control the on/off input of the light. Control intensity via a 1-10V analog signal line or manual potentiometer. Daisy-chain up to six L300 lights together.

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Beğenilerine Ekle


  • Electrical Input: 24VDC +/–5%Input
  • Current: Max. 700 mA
  • Wattage: Max. 17 W
  • On/Off Input: PNP: +4VDC to activate | NPN:GND (<1VDC) to activate
  • PNP Line: 4 mA @ 4VDC | 10 mA @ 12VDC | 20 mA @ 24VDC
  • NPN Line: 15 mA @ ground (0 V DC)
  • Yellow Indicator LED: LED strobe indicator ON = light active
  • Green Indicator LED: ON = Power
  • Continuous Mode: NPN can be tied to ground OR PNP can be tied to 24VDC (not both)
  • Potentiometer: 270º turn pot — Intensity control of 10%–100%. Turn clockwise to increase intensity.
  • Analog Intensity: Brightness output is adjustable from 10%–100% via a 1–10VDC signal(Jumpering pin 5 to pin 1 will provide maximum intensity.)
  • Connection: 5-pin M12 connector
  • Ambient Temperature: -18º–40ºC(0º–104ºF)
  • IP Rating: IP50
  • Weight: ~370 g
  • Compliances: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
  • Warranty: 10 years. For complete warranty information, visit
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