SVL – LE Linear “Everything Lights”

The rugged LE Bar/Linear Light Series offers everything needed in one sleek design with the convenience of T-slot mounting. The Multi-Drive driver allows the light to operate in continuous operation or in OverDrive strobe mode. The LE series comes in tailored-length solutions in increments of 300 mm, up to 1200 mm.

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Beğenilerine Ekle


  • Electrical Input: 24VDC +/- 5%
  • Current: 750mA per 300mm (12”)
  • Wattage: 18W per 300mm (12”)
  • ON/OFF Input: PNP ► +4VDC or greater to activate│ NPN ► GND (<1VDC) to activate│5μS LED activation time
  • PNP Line: 3.7mA @ 3VDC │6.2mA @ 5VDC │ 12.6mA @ 10VDC │ 30.4mA @ 24VDCNPN Line22mA @ Common (0VDC)
  • Continuous Mode: Light will be in continuous mode by leaving signal on NPN/PNPinput active
  • Connection: 5 pin M12 connector
  • Ambient Temperature: -40º -50º C (-40º -122º F)
  • IP Rating: IP65
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