SVL – LHF300 Fluorescent Replacement

Part of the Direct Connect series linear lights, which offers integrated light-to-light connectors, eliminating the need for cable connectors to string lights together. The LHF300 series was designed as a direct LED replacement for standard fluorescent lighting. The LHF300 array uses 30 high-intensity LEDs and features a diffuse lens cover designed to disperse the light in the same fashion as a fluorescent light of equivalent length. Use NPN or PNP trigger signal to control the light’s pulse. Control intensity via a 110V analog signal line.

Beğenilerine Ekle
Beğenilerine Ekle


  • Electrical Input: 24VDC +/- 5%
  • Current: Max.750mA
  • Wattage: Max. 18W
  • Strobe Input: NPN ► GND (<1VDC) to activate
  • NPN Line: 22mA @ Common (0VDC)
  • Continuous Mode: Light will be in continuous mode by leaving signal on strobe input active
  • Connection: 4pin2.5mm pitchphoenix connector
  • Daisy Chain: Up to eightLHF300
  • Ambient Temperature: -20º -50º C (-4º -122º F)
  • Lifespan: 100,000hrs
  • Color Temperature: White -5000k
  • IP Rating: IP50
  • Weight: ~455g
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