SVL – ODMOBL OverDrive™ Strobe Maximum Output Backlight

The ODMOBL Backlight Series is designed for OverDrive strobing and produces maximum light output. NPN or PNP trigger signals can be used to control the pulse of the light. The intensity of the light can be controlled via 1-10VDC analog signal line. Proper heat dissipation is achieved using the side extrusion installed on the bottom of the light. The 45 mm extrusion makes mounting the light easy when using drop-in T-nuts. The ODMOBL Backlight has a built-in driver. No external driver is required. This product comes in the following sizes: 150 mm x 150 mm, 300 mm x 150 mm, and 300 mm x 300 mm.

Beğenilerine Ekle
Beğenilerine Ekle


  • Electrical Input: 24VDC +/–5%
  • Strobe Input: PNP: +4VDC to +24VDC to activate | NPN: GND (<1VDC) to activate
  • PNP Line: 4 mA @ 4VDC | 10 mA @ 12VDC | 20 mA @ 24VDC
  • NPN Line: 15 mA @ Ground (0VDC)
  • Analog Intensity: The output is adjustable from 10%–100% of brightness by a 1–10VDC analog signal line. For maximum intensity, use +24VDC. Jumpering pin 5 to pin 1will provide maximum intensity.
  • Strobe/Pulse Time: Max. 5000 SPS (Strobes Per Second) | Max. Single Pulse = 125 ms (see SafeStrobeTM Technology for more information)
  • Duty Cycle: Max. 10%Connection5-pin M12 connector
  • Ambient Temperature: -18º–40ºC (0º–104ºF)
  • IP Rating: IP50
  • Compliances: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
  • Warranty: 10 years. For complete warranty information, visit

Standart Light Size;

Input Current: 1.1 A (150mm x 150mm) / 2.2 A (300mm x 150mm) / 4.4 A (300mm x 300mm)

Wattage: 26.4 W ( 150mm x 150mm) / 52.8 W (300mm x 150mm) / 106 W (300mm x 300mm)

Weight: ~2.22 kg (150mmx150mm) / – / –

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